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Baloch’s wife Gul Afroz and their daughters, Zainab, left, and Sara. Baloch’s body was found last month.

The struggle Pakistan does not want reported

Hundreds of people have vanished, suffered torture or died in a little-known separatist conflict Abdul Razzaq Baloch worked nights. After dinner, he would start…

POPPY PIPELINE: Some of the estimated $400 million that the Taliban raised last year comes from a cut of the opium harvests in Afghanistan. REUTERS/Parwiz

Stalking the Taliban’s banker

Washington is trying to starve the insurgency of funds before handing over to Afghan forces in 2014 Haji Khairullah Barakzai is the ultimate Afghan…


Pakistan’s Elusive Kingpin

A man designated as a “kingpin” heroin trafficker is suspected of killing a senior official from Pakistan’s restive Baluchistan province. Police have made little…

the dealmaker

The dealmaker

Lunch with the FT: Saad Mohseni is Afghanistan’s first media mogul talks about the country’s culture wars, his answer to ‘The X Factor’ –…


Meditation vacation

Take New Year thoughts of health kicks and fresh starts a stage further with a 10-day ‘Buddhist boot camp’ in the Himalayas The guru…

Street strife: police keep watch in an area of Karachi in June amid tensions between the two main political and ethnic  groupings. Those form the chief cause of friction in what is a relatively liberal and secular city. Source: Eyevine

The killers of Karachi

Pakistan: an explosion of violence in the long struggle for control of a polarised commercial capital offers a warning on prospects for the stability…


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An inside look at the Taliban’s bankers

In Afghanistan, the lines between Taliban finance and legitimate commerce are often blurred. Reuters Special Correspondent Matthew Green takes us through the clandestine world…

child soldier

Reporter tells of meeting Kony

Anderson Cooper interviews Matthew Green, a reporter who has extensive knowledge about Ugandan warlord, Joseph Kony.


Pakistan’s militants join forces

At a rally in Rawalpindi, Hafiz Saeed, the founder of Islamist group, Lashkar-e-Taiba, talks to the FT about what he sees as threats to…