Five Books on Trauma: War, neurons and the soul

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This week the website Five Books featured an interview based on Aftershock and asked me to nominate my five top books on healing psychological trauma. The full interview is here, exploring the collective dimension to war trauma, the promise of radical innovation in PTSD treatments, trauma as a ‘soul wound,’ Native American sweat lodge ceremonies and the latest British research into MDMA-assisted therapy.

INTRODUCING: The 3-Minute Therapist

Over the next few weeks, I am going to be launching a new component to the Aftershock Blog: a three-minute video interview (recorded via Skype) with a trauma therapist.

The conversation will address the question of ‘what’s the key component in successfully healing trauma?’ from a range of different perspectives, and introduce some novel approaches.

I hope this will make some useful new connections among readers and help broaden the global community dedicated to providing the best possible care to people suffering the after effects of trauma, whether military or otherwise.

I have a few candidates who have expressed an interest in participating but if anybody wants to suggest somebody, or even volunteer themselves, the doors are open. Participants do not have to technically be psychotherapists — I’m aiming to broaden this to anyone involved in supporting people affected by lasting trauma reactions. 


Hay Festival: Thursday, 2 June, 17:30 — in conversation with Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes