Four must-watch videos on PTSD

I write far too much in these blogs, so I thought I’d share these videos instead. The first three feature people who I have written about in Aftershock or encountered since then, and I think they provide intense, moving and inspiring insights into the reality of psychological injury. The fourth video is a talk by one of my favourite psychiatrists, and should be required viewing for world leaders, as well as anyone interested in trauma and healing.
* Nikita Dallison exposes how badly she feels let down by the MoD in terms of the treatment available for her husband Luke in a Facebook video that has been been 1.5 million times.

* Toni, Grace and Keith Collard open up about their years of struggle to hold their family together in the face of PTSD

* Jamie Sanderson, a former sniper in the Royal Marines and founder of Rock2Recovery, and Jason Fox, ex-SBS, give two of the most eloquent talks I have seen on what it’s like to experience psychological injury

* Dr Gabor Maté, the Canadian psychiatrist and trauma specialist, who is one of my all-time personal heroes, speaks about psychedelic-assisted therapy

If anyone is interested in inviting me to speak, please drop me an email.